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Name: Roxie
Age: 49
Country: United States
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About Me

I'll bet you have never had a blow job like the way I do. I love sucking a nice hard cock! It is my favorite thing to do for a man. If you treat me like a Lady and are Clean, then I will probably try to get my mouth on your erection...after a little while, of course!

I love to start out slowly. The best blow jobs are when you are nice and relaxed. This is also another reason that I like to meet in a public place, for about an hour, on the first date. After that You will have my number and my trust ! So during this "social hour" we can get to know each other while i tease the hell out of you! My stocking toes love to feel your bulge getting hard under our table. I love to watch you trying to hide your pleasure so that no one else notices. My smile will melt you and the things I say are all designed to totally arouse you for what is to come!

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